Eton Wick Matters

The Great Stink


Welcome to our website.  It’s not perfect but with information now changing at such a pace we felt this would be the most effective, speedy way to update as many residents as possible.  We welcome your local knowledge, comments, flood stories and photographs.  Please share your views and information … they will assist in forthcoming discussions with local authorities and agencies.


The purpose of the website is to raise awareness of the recent incident where Thames Water discharged raw sewage from the Slough Sewage Treatment works into the streams surrounding Eton Wick.


The discharge commenced in early December 2013 and continued until March 2014 wiithout notification of the public hazard!


Thames Water have admitted that they regularly discharge raw sewage into the streams around Eton Wick in times of prolonged and heavy rainfall. The Environment Agency have stated that although the recent prolonged heavy rainfall did cause flooding, and contributed to Slough Sewage Works not being able to cope with the amount  of water entering the plant, the volume of water experienced was by no means the highest it has seen in recent years. In actual fact, similar levels of water are seen quite regularly, albeit for a shorter amount of time. During these peak levels the storage tanks at the Slough Sewage works can become full quite quickly and Thames Water then discharge into the streams.


So the problem of raw sewage being discharged into the streams has been happening regularly for some years, and will continue to happen unless the Environment Agency are pressurized into allowing an alternative route for the effluent.


All the details of what has happened so far can be found on various pages on this site. Please take some time to inform yourself of the problem and add your weight to the fight to stop it happening again.