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Maintenance Work

The following email was received from Jeanne Capey at the Environment Agency on 28th Nov 2014.



Good afternoon,


During the RBWM Cabinet meeting on the 30th October 2014, the Environment Agency talked about some of the maintenance work that we planned to undertake and also what we expected from the land owners in the area.


I wanted to write to you before Monday’s meeting to provide an update on this.


We have spoken to our contractor, Cleartrack, and they have confirmed they will be able to start on site this Monday, 1st December, to begin the initial tree clearance.  Whilst the tree work is ongoing we will be organising the silt removal works, which will follow on completion of the tree works. We would like to encourage residents to come and talk to us about the works we are undertaking and understand how they will benefit the community.


Attached to this email is a map that shows the maintenance work we are undertaking or plan to undertake in the future.  


The Environment Agency met with Eton College on the 12th of August to highlight what maintenance they should undertake on the Boveney Ditch. Environment Agency Officers  then met with Eton College and Palmer Estates on the 20th of August and discussed what maintenance we would undertake and what we expected them to complete themselves on the Roundmoor Ditch.


Eton College and Palmer Estates need to come up with a plan, in conjunction with each other, to carry out bank repairs, install designated cattle drinking points and repair fencing to stop the encroachment of the cattle. This work will not happen until the spring when the ground conditions are better.


Eton College have, however, started to undertake some maintenance work in the area (for location of the work, see map), I have attached some photos of this for your information. Our officer visited the site last Tuesday to assess the work.


Also during the Cabinet meeting the Environment Agency promised to produce a map, showing where riparian ownership lies. Please find attached a map of the riparian ownership in the area.


If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this email please contact us, or alternatively bring any questions you may have to our next meeting on Monday 1st December.


Best regards



Jeanne Capey

Partnership & Strategic Overview Team Leader - Berkshire & Buckinghamshire

West Thames


Direct dial: 01189 535366