Eton Wick Matters



Public meeting arranged for 1st December 2014 at Eton Wick Village Hall 7:30pm.  RBWM, EA and Thames Water to report on progress of actions allocated to them from 30th Oct Meeting.



Meeting arranged prior to RBWM cabinet meeting. Statement of issues affecting the village submitted to RBWM. RBWM to call EA and Thames Water to account over the problems and to allocate responsibilities accroding to the statement of issues.


Residents report issues with flooding in homes with ground water rising up through floors. Water table level is visible through soakaways and drains (approx 18 inches below ground level).


Stream levels are close to flooding and ground water levels remain high despite one of the driest summers on record.



Another sewage discharge occurs. Thames Water blame contractor for leaving a valve open.



Public meeting held at Eton Wick School.



Public meeting to take place on Tuesday, 8th April at Eton Wick School, 730PM.



Public meeting planned for Tuesday 8th April. Venue to be announced.


Thames Water email reply to residents questions. For our response - Click here



RBWM meeting with TW CEO …results awaited.



Public Meeting on hold as Village Hall cannot be made available until 10/4.



EA Fisheries Officer holds site meeting with TW and their contractor regarding process for clean up.  RBWM representative and residents invited.  Emphasis placed on re-stocking fish; TW still blasé regarding the effect on residents and level of clean up required.


Level of dried effluent throughout banks and across fields becomes apparent.


TW admits residents would be surprised how often TW storm effluent into the stream.


TW would not be able to advise residents for every discharge, suggest procedure is actioned after, say, two weeks of continuous emissions.




Public Meeting to be held in Eton Wick week commencing 31st March … date and time to be announced.



Thames Water representative urges residents to attend meeting as TW underestimate impact on residents.


RBWM verbally confirm a public meeting will be held in Eton Wick to discuss failures, clean up and future.


RBWM advise TW CEO called to meeting on 25/3 to meet RBWM/SBDC lead members to explain overriding criticism of their

communications/handling of all flood issues.


RBWM report TW are not responding with requested information.  Residents are discovering higher level of information.



Residents chase RBWM/ETC to show public support and arrange public meeting



Dorney Parish Council AGM - Thames Water publicly admit to discharging raw sewage without notification since early December.


Thames Water admit the overriding criticism from all parties is their failure to communicate.  TW apologise for not letting

residents know, advising they were ‘stretched’!


Village streams remain designated discharge route for additional capacity at anytime.


Thames Water and the Environment agency publicly undertake to research other discharge routes


BBC news website confirm TW being investigated by EA.  Thames Water apologise but state discharge saved sewage

backing up into Slough homes.



BBC Berks radio interview – Thames Water admit other solutions could be found but TW need to be aware of effect on

customers bills … were the 2012 profits of £549m insufficient then?


TW confirm they are still discharging to Angling Trust


RBWM confirmed TW CEO called to meeting on 25/3 to review TW flood failures in Borough.



Dorney Parish Council invite Eton Wick representation at their AGM to listen and question TW and the EA.


ETC requested to review their position and provide support.


Windsor Express letter ‘When will the Great Stick of Eton Wick end?’


Slough Observer article ‘Environment Agency launch probe into sewage dumped in stream causing Eton Wick Stink’



EA Fisheries Officer confirms loss of 95% of stream biodiversity.


ETC respond advising no jurisdiction and whilst Cllr Lawless advising on behalf of Borough, ETC have not taken

action as not advised by EA/TW and did not receive complaints from residents.



BBC News website features ‘The Great Stink’.  TW apologise for rotten meat smell, but not failure to communicate

health hazard.


RBWM/ETC/MP receive questions from resident representatives and request update on actions taken to date.



EA confirm they have been called to account by Dorney Parish Council and will attend AGM on 19/3 EA Fisheries Officer surveys streams in preparation for clean up meetings.  Tests to be carried out to assess level of

remaining fish and invertebrates.


EA issue response notice advising they became aware on 19/1 commenting six dead fish and sewage fungus were




Eton Wick School contacts RBWM following half term outbreak of gastric virus.



Windsor Express article ‘Sewage misery continues for Eton Wick villagers’



TW remove chemical dosing and aeration pumps, but continue to discharge sewage.



Update leaflet issued.  During delivery residents comment on personal impact and relay stories of family and pet illness.  Concerns voiced regarding clean up and long term future.



Angling Trust question TW on water quality and date for discharge to cease.



A number of residents receive letter from Thames Water trivialising discharge.  Apology for failure to notify not             forthcoming. Planned clean up and recompense to residents not detailed.  



Windsor Express article ‘Anger over sewage in village stream’.

4th May 2015

Click below to view the leaflet sent out in May 2015.